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What it Means to be a UBA Partner Firm

Dillingham Benefits is proud to be the exclusive Oklahoma City Partner Firm of United Benefit Advisors®.

Dillingham: UBA partner firm in OklahomaUBA is a Partner-owned alliance of more than 140 premier independent benefit advisory firms with more than 165 offices throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

As a UBA Partner Firm, we will work with you to analyze your benefits needs, prioritize your goals and provide you with technology tools that will streamline costs and improve your overall benefits package. With the shared knowledge and expertise of thousands of other UBA benefits professionals, UBA Partner Firms can meet the needs of any sized business.

Working with a UBA Partner Firm can: 

  • Save You Time: 
    UBA Members offer a variety of web-based HR-related tools that lower administration costs and free your HR staff to concentrate on your business' strategic objectives and needs of your employees. 
  • Save You Money: 
    UBA Partners have access to sophisticated, actuarially developed tools that provide employers with information needed to manage plan costs, helping your business find the best and most cost-efficient employee benefit plans. 
  • Find Solutions JUST for You: 
    Because they are independent and local, UBA Partners can provide personalized service and help you design benefits packages that work in your local market. 
  • Help You Stay a Step Ahead: 
    Having access to UBA’s shared wisdom and national survey data allows Partner Firms to be aware of local and national trends and find innovative ways to solve your employee benefit challenges. 
  • Serve You Locally and Nationally: 
    Because UBA is a national organization, Partner Firms can create unique benefits packages for companies that have locations in multiple states and can help employers who are relocating or expanding. As a combined group, UBA’s annual employee benefit revenues rank it as one of the five largest employee benefit brokerage organizations in the United States. 
  • Provide Trusted, Proven Advice: 
    To be part of UBA, Partner Firms must have a proven track record of financial success, experience and integrity. UBA Partner Firms strive to be the most trusted and most reliable benefits experts in their individual market. 

What We Can Deliver for You

Our UBA partnership allows us to access the latest industry tools and best practices that can help you solve today’s challenges and keep costs in check.

Solutions include: 

  • Analysis Tools: 
    Access to top-notch analytical tools that can help you make the best decisions on health plan funding and design. 
  • Ask a Labor Lawyer: 
    Access to legal expertise and resources from Fisher & Phillips LLP (one of the nation’s largest law firms) at a special rate. 
  • Benefit Opinions Survey: 
    This biennial employer opinion survey reveals the top opinions and trends among employers, including your competition and other employers in your market. 
  • Compliance Alerts: 
    Email alerts/newsletters that inform you when major legislation or regulations are passed. 
  • Compliance Dashboard: 
    Online administrative tool that helps employers track and complete their compliance obligations; includes exclusive UBA evaluation tool. 
  • Compliance Documents: 
    Model medical reimbursement plan, model SPD plan and wrapper, and HIPAA compliance checklist (courtesy of Fisher & Phillips LLP). 
  • Employee Benefit Center®: 
    An online employee handbook and benefit information hub for your employees that can be tailored and customized for your company. 
  • Employee Benefits Video Library: 
    Vignettes designed for your employees that explain the basics of various benefit plans, including health, dental and more. 
  • Employee Resource Center®: 
    An online resource with a vast library of web links on health, retirement and more. 
  • Employer Webinar Series: 
    Designed for executives and HR personnel, these webinars by Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP provide the latest compliance guidance on a range of regulations and labor laws. 
  • Newsletters and White Papers: 
    E-newsletters and reports that cover the latest compliance and HR-related topics. 
  • Health Care Reform Resources: 
    Information designed to help you understand the impact and requirements of the health care reform law. 
  • HIPAA Resources: 
    Comprehensive packages to help you remain compliant, with special pricing. 
  • HRInsider®: 
    Web service for HR staff that supplies compliance updates, forms, industry news, wellness resources and more. 
  • RxCut Plus Discount Card: 
    Discount program that can help your employees save on prescription drugs, lab work and medical imaging. 
  • Total Compensation Statements:
    UBA tool helps educate employees about the value of their benefits. 
  • UBA Health Plan Survey: 
    UBA’s prime annual survey is the nation’s largest benchmarking survey of employer health plans. 
  • UBA Plan Evaluator: 
    Online tool that helps employees compare health plan options. 

Find More Information

Learn more about UBA and how your organization can benefit from the 'best in class' tools and resources our firm has access to as a UBA Partner Firm.  Find out more about the importance of hiring an Advisor, not just a broker.