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Posted by Jaime F. on 03/20/2020

AETNA Resources

 COVID-19 FAQ Page

Dear Valued Client Partner:

We share the same goal: to help people get and stay healthy. We are your partners in health care, and act to serve you, your employees and the millions of members who rely on us for their health care needs.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, underscored by yesterday’s pandemic declaration from the World Health Organization (WHO), we recognize the important role we play in addressing this public health issue. Over the past few weeks, you’ve seen us take important steps to support the health and well-being of our members and remove barriers to care. 

We’ve put in place a comprehensive business continuity plan to minimize any potential business impact and ensure we continue to offer the services and operations you have come to expect. We’ve also adjusted our internal policies to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for our CVS Health colleagues. For your employees and members, we recently announced these resources and enhancements when applicable:

We’ve waived member out-of-pockets costs or cost sharing for COVID-19 diagnostic testing and introduced zero co-pay telemedicine visits for the next 90 days, helping to remove barriers to care.
We’ve waived charges for home delivery of all prescription medications from CVS Pharmacy. We’re also actively encouraging 90-day refills of eligible prescriptions and waiving early refill limits on 30-day prescriptions for maintenance medications to prevent the interruption of medication availability.
We’ve introduced Healing Better care packages for members diagnosed with COVID- 19, supporting our members and helping to keep others in the home protected from potential exposure.
We’re offering resources to help address any associated anxiety and stress related to COVID-19, including opening Crisis Response Lines and expanding access 24x7 to the Aetna Nurse Medical Line, among others.

As the situation continues to evolve, I want to reaffirm that helping your customers and members achieve their health goals remains our top priority. If you have questions, I encourage you to reach out to call your account leader.

Thank you for your continued partnership.